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Could Mr. Nobody have won FIFA World Cup 2010 for Brazil?

January 6th, 2012 por | Categorias: Copa 2010, Santos.

Until today there are who CLAIMS that Carlos Dunga should have summoned Paulo Henrique to 2010 FIFA World Cup. At that time, PH, which had made a knee surgery while Brazil had been playing his matches in South Africa was considered the kid who would bring fortune and glory for the “Seleção”.

A year and a half later while Neymar Jr is news in all over Europe, coaches from average teams are still asking  who is the fucking goose.

Ganso? I have never heard of him. I don’t know him, where does he play? What position?

I don’t get to Brazil much. We got Sandro from there but other than that, no.

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7 Comentários para “Could Mr. Nobody have won FIFA World Cup 2010 for Brazil?”

  1. Yuri
    6/01/12 - 21:53

    the true Mr.Nobody is Joel.

    Joel has won only “fool me that I like” tournaments, correctly, the south-african press has nicknamed him as “mr.nobody”… this big-nosed man isn’t a coach, he is pure marketing. ZERO major championships in 30 years of career, c’mon!!! he can win only “fool me that I like’s” because of the bad calendar made by CBF… this competition is swollen and nonsense.

    Mano Menezes needs to fix the horrendous work done by Dunga, a wayward asshole which betted in Julio Baptista instead of Goose and Neymar. those two boys needed to gain experience for the 2014 World Cup by PLAYING in 2010.

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    Jorge Caldas

    “Trolling” in English, mr. Yuri? hehehe

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    Botaoteca – Instant Button Joel Santana

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  2. Andre Bona
    6/01/12 - 23:48

    “not counting the voting scheme of the federations. Smoothly manipulated, where uniforms are exchanged for votes in small teams.

    the voting system has to be differentiated, more importantly for the clubs elected by God. So I believe. In fact, we believe Juca Kfouri, my father and Renato Mauricio Prado, my mother. My brother Bender believes in other things. Finally, each one believes in what he wants.

    But I’ll make my comments on twitter live here to spoil all posts by BBG.

    And tells the GAMULAH, I want to fuck him. And he tells the Seginho is a XUCRO. ”

    kkk …

    Please complete the sentence:

    My name is …

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  3. Jorge Caldas
    7/01/12 - 11:23

    Hey, guys, “that’s communicators nipples”.

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    eu ia escrever isso…

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  4. Bender
    12/01/12 - 11:25

    what is this shit?

    Bom, se for por algum motivo mercadológico…

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